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Sugar Glider Experience


Discover an exclusive opportunity at the Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, where our visitors get a unique chance to encounter sugar gliders up close.

Meet Sebastian and Samson, the charismatic six-year-old brothers who are cherished members of our sanctuary family. These endearing creatures not only showcase their natural behaviors but also convey a vital conservation message, highlighting the importance of protecting this species.

During this immersive encounter, you'll have the chance to witness these enchanting animals feeding on their favorite nectar, blossoms, and fresh fruits—right in the palm of your hand.

Encounters like these are exceptionally rare, offering a glimpse into the lives of these incredible and elusive creatures, seldom seen in the wild.

Please note: Park entry is not included in the price.

Patrons for the sugar glider encounter must be 10 years and over
Daily at 2.30pm
Maximum of two people per encounter

**Price does not include Park Entry**


We encourage you to book online prior to your visit as Sugar Glider encounters are strictly limited to two sessions per day. Pre-book now to ensure availability on the day of your visit.
Please ensure you purchase park entry for access.

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