OPENING HOURS | Sanctuary open 9am to 4pm | Cafe open 9am to 2:30pm | Open everyday except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day

Who We Are

Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

The Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is owned and operated by Wildlife Recover Australia (WRA).

Our team works alongside our partners to increase awareness and preservation of threatened and endangered species, with the primary objective to rescue, rehabilitate and release.

Wildlife Recovery Australia (WRA)

Wildlife Recovery Australia specialises in wildlife hospitals and predator proof sanctuaries.

Their team of veterinarians threatened species specialists and environmental entrepreneurs work together to rescue injured animals and revitalise threatened species populations.

WRA aim to provide emergency support for wildlife caught in life-threatening situations.

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital is not-for-profit company whose mission is to conserve, protect and ensure positive welfare outcomes for Australian wildlife through treatment, rehabilitation, research and education.

Founded by Dr. Stephen Van Mil, BBWH is governed by a Board of Australia’s leading veterinarians and wildlife experts, including WRA Founding Director Dr. Evan Kosack.

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital’s Foundation Veterinarian is Dr. Bree Talbot. She joined Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital from the University of Sydney’s Avian Reptile And Exotic Pet Hospital where she specialised in the medical care of exotic pets and wildlife including koalas, wombats, reptiles and many different bird species. She has a keen interest in wildlife medicine and is a Member and Examiner of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Unusual pet medicine and surgery.