OPENING HOURS | Sanctuary open 9am to 4pm | Cafe open 9am to 2:30pm | Open everyday except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day

Our Team

Management Team

Dr Stephen Van Mil - CEO

Amanda Gorvin - General Manager

Tahlia Johnson - Park Manager

Cat Gerke - Marketing Manager

Park and Education Team

Joshua Carruth - Park Supervisor & Head of Mammals

Rory Francis - Education and Program

Breianna Watts - Head of Birds

Bianca Robins - Keeper

Joshua Turton - Keeper

Andrew - Keeper

Rachael Smith - Senior Keeper

Tara Collins - Keeper

Ellie Small - Keeper

Riley Casey - Keeper

Hospitality and Retail Team

Samantha Casey - Head of Retail

Toby Douglas - Head Chef

Rebecca Johnson - Supervisor

Sheree Foley - Chef

Support and Booking Team

coming soon