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The Circle of Life (Year 5-6)

The Circle of Life (Year 5-6)

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All living beings have a beginning and an end to their lives and experience stages of growth and change. In this program, students will explore the characteristics of living things by observing and identifying the difference between life cycles. Through up-close encounters with some of Australia’s native animals, students will explore the different ways animals grow and change throughout their lives, as well as exploring the various ways the environment impacts growth, survival and adaptation of living things.


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Course Details

  • ST3-4LW-S examines how the environment affects the growth, survival and adaptation of living things
  • ST3-7MW-T explains how the properties of materials determines their use for a range of purposes
  • Describe adaptations as existing structures or behaviours that enable living things to survive in their environment (ACSSU043)
  • Investigate materials, components, tools, techniques and processes required to achieve intended design solutions (ACTDEP024)
  • Produce labelled and annotated drawings including digital graphic representations for an audience (ACTDEP025)

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