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Amazing Adaptations (Year 5-6)

Amazing Adaptations (Year 5-6)

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2009 marked the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin and his theories still have great relevance today. Animals possess amazing adaptations to help them obtain food and avoid being a food source themselves. Take a journey back in time and explore some of the early evolutionary theories as you observe and interact with some of our most impressive and intimidating animals. During this hands-on program students will have the opportunity to closely analyse various animal skulls and suggest how observed animal features have enabled animals to adapt for obtaining food and avoiding predation.


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Course Details

  • ST3-1WS-S plans and conducts scientific investigations to answer testable questions, and collects and summarises data to communicate conclusions
  • ST3-4LW-S examines how the environment affects the growth, survival and adaptation of living things
  • ST3-7MW-T explains how the properties of materials determines their use for a range of purposes
  • Plan and conduct a fair test to show the conditions needed for a particular plant or animal to grow and survive in its environment (ACSSU094)
  • Describe adaptations as existing structures or behaviours that enable living things to survive in their environment (ACSSU043)
  • Investigate materials, components, tools, techniques and processes required to achieve intended design solutions (ACTDEP024)
  • Evaluate design ideas, processes and solutions according to criteria for success (ACTDEP027)

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