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Home School Programs

Home School Programs

Home School Programs at The Sanctuary

Welcome to The Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary’s Home School Program, where learning comes alive in the heart of nature. This unique, tailored program, led by our experienced wildlife educator, offers a range of hands-on learning experiences designed to suit various learning levels and educational outcomes. Each session focuses on wildlife, science-based learning, and environmental conservation, providing home school children and families with the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals. Join us once a week for an enriching educational journey that fosters community, curiosity, and a deep appreciation for our natural world. 


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Program Details:

Habitat Heros: 7-week Program 

Young Conservationists: 7-week program

Amazing Adaptations: 7-weeks

Additionally, we aim to bring awareness to the importance of respecting our natural world alongside the community, by creating experiences that enable visitors to leave feeling fulfilled and having a newfound enjoyment of what Australia’s natural flora and fauna have to offer.

As an education facility, our aim is to bring awareness and knowledge to students of all ages to help understand this imperative conservation message. With updated Sanctuary education programs that align with the NSW Syllabus and Australian Curriculum, our goal is to assist home school parents in meeting their learning outcomes in an immersive and memorable environment where everyone, including our natural world, benefit.

“If children don’t grow up knowing about nature, they won’t understand it. And if they don’t understand it, they won’t protect it.”


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