OPENING HOURS | Open 8am to 4pm everyday except Christmas Day

Sugar Glider Experience

$49 - $75

We are one of the few locations able to offer a sugar glider encounter.

Sebastian and Samson are six-year-old brothers who have been part of the Sanctuary family for some years. These beautiful creatures demonstrate their natural behaviours and deliver an important message in conservation and protection of this species. During this encounter they will choose to feed in the palm of your hand and enjoy their favourite nectar, blossoms and fresh fruits.

It is an extremely rare opportunity to be able to experience these amazing and elusive animals who are rarely seen in the wild.

Patrons for the sugar glider encounter must be 10 years and over
Daily at 2.30pm
Maximum of two people per encounter

We encourage you to book online prior to your visit to ensure availability

Have your tried these delicious nuts?