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Exciting New Chapter for Landmark Destination

A new and exciting chapter has begun for the iconic Macadamia Castle located in the Byron Bay Hinterland, with the recent purchase by not-for-profit owned organisation Wildlife Recovery Australia (WRA). WRA is a joint venture between Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital.

WRA has been working for some months on the smooth transition from the locally known and loved Macadamia Castle to The Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

With the new leadership empowering and enabling all Australians to save wildlife, every dollar spent at the Sanctuary is reinvested in the conservation, rehabilitation, and future of Australian Wildlife through our not-for-profit shareholders the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital.

General Manager Amanda Gorvin says the developments planned are significant, taking place over the next 12 to 24 months. They include structural and aesthetic upgrades, as well as habitat advancements for resident wildlife.

During this time, the Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary will remain open in its current form as an interactive wildlife park, café, gift shop experience, partnering with iconic brands with a focus on educational, locally produced, ethically sourced and sustainable offerings. 

“As one of the longest-running native wildlife parks in Northern NSW, the Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary will continue to offer interactive, educational and entertaining experiences for individuals, families and groups from the local community as well as domestic and international visitors, “said Ms Gorvin.

The Sanctuary will tailor experiences for all community groups and visitors, including new programs, updated offerings throughout the café and retail areas, exciting new party inclusions, corporate facilities, NDIS programs and a new menu. 

Planned upgrades will also see a renewed focus on corporate and private events including unique wildlife-themed experiences. As national and international tourism markets reopen, the Sanctuary is expecting visitation to grow significantly with these exciting new developments and refocused objectives. 

WRA Director Stephen Van Mil says the Sanctuary’s focus will shift towards a bio-park, with the priority to respect, protect and enjoy Australian Native Wildlife. “Our team works alongside partners to increase awareness and preservation of threatened and endangered species, with the primary objective to rescue, rehabilitate and release”.

“Australia’s largest Mobile Wildlife Hospital ‘Matilda’ is now settled into her new home on site at the Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Our expert veterinary team will continue to provide critical services to save and recover our local furry, feathered and scaly patients” said Dr Van Mil. . The Macadamia Castle has been a popular attraction for families in the area since 1975.  With the community’s ongoing support, the Sanctuary will continue to grow and improve as a fun and educational visitor experience with the welfare of wildlife as its highest priority.