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Snake Safety and Awareness Training


The Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary’s Snake Safety Awareness Seminars provides both individuals and corporate groups a 2.5-hour educational seminar on Australia’s venomous snake species, how to prevent snake bites and correct first aid techniques.

All sessions are run by experienced venomous snake handlers who are highly trained in snake identification and emergency procedures for bites.

As experts in their fields, our expert staff deliver the Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary’s snake safety awareness message to a wide audience through countless media appearances, educational talks, and seminars.

Tickets to this seminar also include entry to the Sanctuary before and after, allowing you to enjoy the park after the seminar ends.

Each seminar covers:
▪️Overview of Australia’s venomous snake species
▪️Snake habitats
▪️Venomous snake behaviour
▪️Camouflage techniques used by venomous snakes
▪️How snakes react to disturbance and defensive responses
▪️Assessment of a specific site and advice on possible risk areas (if required)
▪️Breeding and other peak activity periods
▪️What to do if confronted by a defensive snake
▪️First aid techniques – what to do if bitten
▪️Symptoms of a snake bite
▪️Live snake demonstration and experience

This program is also available as an external where our Keepers can come to your place of work. Please contact us at [email protected] for a quote.

25th of March
20 per class

2 hour seminar at The Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.