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Habitat Warriors – Habitat Health (Year 7 – 8)

Habitat Warriors – Habitat Health (Year 7 – 8)

Course Codes

SC4-1VA, SC4-2VA, SC4-8WS, SC4-9WS, SC4-14LW, ACSHE119, ACSHE121, ACSIS124

Course Description

Come and explore different habitats and the unique animals that call them home. In this hands-on program, students will meet animals that are considered lucky and unlucky, because their habitats are either healthy or under threat. This program inspires students to connect with native wildlife, build knowledge and develop skills that enable them to care for the natural world. Students are encouraged to select and use appropriate strategies, understanding and skills to produce creative and plausible solutions to identified problems, such as ways to improve the health of current ecosystems at risk. Wildlife encounters facilitated by our passionate wildlife experts will provide students with a deeper understanding of the habitat requirements of each species along with their threats.

Course Details

  • SC4-1VA appreciates the importance of science in their lives and the role of scientific inquiry in increasing understanding of the world around them
  • SC4-2VA shows a willingness to engage in finding solutions to science-related personal, social and global issues, including shaping sustainable futures
  • SC4-8WS selects and uses appropriate strategies, understanding and skills to produce creative and plausible solutions to identified problems
  • SC4-9WS presents science ideas, findings and information to a given audience using appropriate scientific language, text types and representations
  • SC4-14LW relates the structure and function of living things to their classification, survival and reproduction
  • Scientific knowledge has changed peoples’ understanding of the world and is refined as new evidence becomes available (ACSHE119)
  • People use science understanding and skills in their occupations and these have influenced the development of practices in areas of human activity (ACSHE121)
  • Identify questions and problems that can be investigated scientifically and make predictions based on scientific knowledge (ACSIS124)

Course Enquiry

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