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Extreme Habitat Adaptions – Stage 6

Extreme Habitat Adaptions – Stage 6

Course Codes

BIO11/12-5, BIO11/12-7, BIO11-9, BIO11-10, BIO11-11, ACSBL001, ACSBL013, ACSBL019

Course Description

Biological diversity and species specialisation has given us many questions to answer over the past few hundred years. Are there benefits to life in cold blood? What shape is best suited to cooler climates? How do animals survive in the extreme conditions of a desert or alpine environments? Students will investigate structural, physiological and behavioural adaptations that relate to thermoregulation and water balance in animals such as raptors, insects and other native wildlife including mammals. This program offers students the opportunity to analyse how various animals have adapted to extreme environmental conditions.

Course Details

  • BIO11/12-5 analyses and evaluates primary and secondary data and information
  • BIO11/12-7 communicates scientific understanding using suitable language and terminology for a specific audience or purpose
  • BIO11-9 explains the structure and function of multicellular organisms and describes how the coordinated activities of cells, tissues and organs contribute to macroscopic processes in organisms
  • BIO11-10 describes biological diversity by explaining the relationships between a range of organisms in terms of specialisation for selected habitats and evolution of species
  • BIO11-11 analyses ecosystem dynamics and the interrelationships of organisms within the ecosystem
  • Identify, research and construct questions for investigation; propose hypotheses; and predict possible outcomes (ACSBL001)
  • Scientific knowledge can enable scientists to offer valid explanations and make reliable predictions (ACSBL013)
  • Ecosystems are diverse, composed of varied habitats and can be described in terms of their component species, species interactions and the abiotic factors that make up the environment (ACSBL019)

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