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Classification Chaos – Taxonomy (Year 9 – 10)

Classification Chaos – Taxonomy (Year 9 – 10)

Course Codes

SC5-1VA, SC5-9WS, SC5-14LW, ACSHE191, ACSSU111

Course Description

For thousands of years living things have been classified and grouped in different ways. This program engages students in classifying animals both found here at the Sanctuary and native to Australia. Hands on wildlife encounters coupled with classroom education from experienced experts provide students with the opportunity to identify how animals are classified both informally through many common names and formally through their Latin / scientific name.

Course Details

  • SC5-1VA appreciates the importance of science in their lives and the role of scientific inquiry in increasing understanding of the world around them
  • SC5-9WS presents science ideas and evidence for a particular purpose and to a specific audience, using appropriate scientific language, conventions and representations
  • SC5-14LW analyses interactions between components and processes within biological systems
  • Scientific understanding, including models and theories, is contestable and is refined over time through a process of review by the scientific community (ACSHE191)
  • Classification helps organise the diverse group of organisms (ACSSU111)

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