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Captive Animal Behaviour & Training – Stage 6

Captive Animal Behaviour & Training – Stage 6

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This program has been specifically designed for students interested in captive animal behaviour and training. This program allows students to closely examine the everyday use of operant conditioning used by bird and animal training staff at the Sanctuary. Observational learning as well as fixed action patterns, learning sets, habituation and imprinting are important tools for keeping captive animals healthy and enhancing animal interactions with visitors. Although birds share a relatively simple brain more closely related with reptiles than mammals, they have a high level of intelligence and often surprise us with what they are capable of. By viewing the training and interaction of some of the Sanctuary’s free flight birds and their trainers, students will be able to observe a wide range of natural behaviours that these birds have been trained to display on cue.

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  • Scientific knowledge can enable scientists to offer valid explanations and make reliable predictions (ACSBL013)

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